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eWorks Customer Services

Electronics Recycling

eWorks has a robust set of wholesale and retail aftermarket channels to assure our clients get the most value for their aftermarket equipment.

E-Cart™ Transport and Storage

For convenient and secure collection and transport of electronic assets with easy online scheduling for pick-ups.

Donation Programs

Providing great tax incentives to companies while benefiting those in need.

Shredding Services

In addition to dismantling and part harvesting eWorks provides full shredding services.

Product Resale Services

Are for technology products that can be resold in the aftermarket, with the eWorks client sharing in the proceeds. The service includes:

  • Audit and repair (if needed) services or part harvesting to extend the useful life of the asset.
  • Data Security and Data Eradication services compliant with U.S. Department of Defense and NIST standards to assure data privacy for retiring assets.

Business Concierge Program

eWorks provides many Towns, Counties, and Cities with municipal eWaste pickup services. In the locations where these services are performed eWorks offers special services to local businesses, each arrangement is different and negotiated with each town. Click here to access our Business Concierge pickup form.


Extensive reporting package, detailing assets by serial number, model, type configuration and more; certificates of data destruction and recycling available as well.

eWorks eCart™


checkeWorks e-Cart is a portable, convenient & secure solution to collect e-waste in logistically challenged locations such as high-rise office buildings in major metropolitan areas.

checkThe eCart is also deployed in many IT departments as a convenient way to dispose of assets throughout the year.

checkThis service offers the most secure and efficient e-waste collection service contributes to “green building” efforts and LEED-EB certifications.

LEED Existing Buildings Credits

Source Reduction and Waste Management, Storage & Collection of Recyclables Required. Provide an easily accessible area that serves the entire building and is dedicated for the separation, collection and storage of materials for recycling.

Secure Destruction

Secure Destruction

E-Works offers the state of the art technologies for data erasure and destruction including:

What We Process

E-Works processes a variety of electronics. Those typically processed are shown on the right.

However, with so many different types of electronics available today, if your items are not listed give us a call or send us an email.

If you are looking for remarketing opportunities let us evaluate it we will let you know if there is a secondary market for your items.

Give us a call:


What We Process

How We Process

eWorks Electronics Services Inc. provides full refurbishing, testing and recycling services including auditing, data erasure, data destruction, and dismantling services. The full lifecycle for processing all assets that come through the facility is identified below.

How We Process Electronics

Stage One

The Receiving function inspects everything that enters the facility. Nothing is allowed in until a source owner is identified.

Once identified the material is logged (Photographed if necessary) and sent to it’s proper location for processing.

Stage Two

After an asset has been received, and if requested by the client suitable assets are:

  • Audited to determine whether they are functional or non-functional.
  • If it is functional an evaluation is done to determine it’s current market value in the secondary market or whether it is appropriate for donation. If feasible for resale or donation in part or whole form it is securely stored in the facility until it delivered for Reuse.
  • If it has no value, it is sent to the Recycling station to be dismantled.

Stage Three

The Shipping function takes all finished goods whether they are assets for resale or sustainable materials ready for recycling and checks them out of the facility.

An audit trail is maintained throughout the process so clients receive detailed reporting on the lifecycle of their assets.

Advanced Systems

The most important component of an electronics recycling solution is the audit and tracking of the material. The e-Viridis system was designed from the ground up to manage client assets from the point they are received to the point of final processing.

It provides clients with online scheduling of pickups, remote access to reporting, and integration to corporate asset management systems.


Reports and Certificates

eWorks provides Audit Asset Reports, Recycling Certificates and/or Certificates of Destruction for all assets processed. This attests that services were performed in accordance with client services levels and local compliance standards and laws.

E-Works has been recognized in the media for its innovative service.

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